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To ensure the health of all pets staying at Edwardsville Animal Clinic, we will need to see proof of vaccination for Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, and a negative fecal test within the last six months for all canine pets. Feline pets are required to have Rabies, Fvrcp, Leukemia, Bordetella.  If the vaccinations listed are not current as to Edwardsville Animal Clinic policy the veterinarian will perform an examination and administer the appropriate vaccinations.


All pets entering Edwardsville Animal Clinic  are checked for fleas and must be flea free before they may be boarded. A single dose of flea/tick prevention will be given at the owner's expense.

If any other intestinal or external parasites are found, your pet will treated accordingly at the owner's expense. Cost varies by weight.


Drop-off and Pick-up are only available during regualr business hours.


 Please call for reservation and pricing. Prices vary by weight.