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Rebecca Loftus, DVM

Dr. Loftus graduated from Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2002. Her focus was on companion animals (small animals and equine). She completed an externship with Dr. Nave at Tropicana Veterinary Hospital in Las Vegas. She assisted and performed many orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries with boarded surgeons. She has interests in soft tissue surgery and equine reproduction. She  completed instruction on the tightrope technique for canine cruciate repair. When not working Dr. Loftus enjoys spending time with her family, trail riding, and reading.


Purdue University

Doctorate of Veterinarian Medicine



Hanna is pursuing a veterinary technician degree! She has a love for Dobermans and has been working in the veterinary field for many years!

Veterinary Assistant

Loves Dobermans!


Rachael is one of our technicians studying to become a veterinarian! She graduated with an Agriculture/ Animal Science degree from Western Kentucky University. She has an interest in both large and small animal medicine. She has been working with animals for several years and has a passion for medicine along with helping animals. When she's not working she loves to paint, play video games, spend time outdoors, and spend time with friends and family. 

Veterinary Student/ Assistant

Graduated WKU with an Agriculture/Animal Science degree

Auburn University Second Year Vet Student

Interested in working with large and small animals


Marilyn is an animal lover and enjoys spending time with her guinea pigs and her two dogs. She loves wildlife and always stops to move a turtle off the road.


Loves Guinea Pigs

Loves Wildlife


Morgan lives on a farm and cares for horses and Angus cattle.   She has two dogs.   Morgan enjoys fishing, horseback riding,and hunting.  

Veterinary Assistant

Graduated High School c/o 2020


Carolanne is attending the University of Louisville.  She will be completing her pre-veterinary curriculum and plans to start Veterinary School.   She loves spending time with her cats, Winston and Sphynx.  

Veterinary Assistant

University of Louisville

Pre-Veterinary Medicine



Elise is currently attending college and loves animals! When she's not busy working or studying she enjoys being outdoors, reading books, and playing with her dogs!

Veterinary Assistant

Attending IUS

Pre-veterinary Studies


Virginia is one of our kennel technicians and has a love for large dogs, especially Dr. Loftus' great danes!

Kennel technician

Loves great danes!


Katie is one of our receptionists/technicians! She is pursuing veterinary school and loves working with animals!


Pursuing vet school